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Rosin is a cannabis concentrate made without solvents. Strictly ice, water, heat, and pressure are used to manufacture this product. The plant material is lightly packed into bags and immediately frozen when harvested. This technique is considered fresh frozen (live material) vs dry / cured which allows the plant to retain the maximum amount of terpenes. That plant material is placed in an ice water bath and the trichomes (water hash) are separated and collected. That water hash is dried and then filtered through micron bags by being placed between two pressurized and heated plates that create rosin. With this process there are zero solvents used, which is why we believe rosin is the best way to consume concentrates. Fun fact, people have been smoking hash (solventless) since 800 AD!

What is Solventless?

Most rosin is consumed by vaping “dabbing”. We suggest consuming at a low temperature (between 480-550 degrees F) for the best overall experience. If dabbing isn't your thing don't worry; we also offer our .5g disposable/rechargeable solventless live rosin cartridges. These are perfect for on the go and will offer you an experience similar to a low temp dab.

How do I consume rosin?

Solventless concentrates are produced strictly using ice, water, heat and pressure whereas hydrocarbon extracts are made using butane, hectane, propane, etc. There is no risk of inhaling any residual solvents when consuming hash rosin.

What is the difference between Solventless and Hydrocarbon extracts?

  • Rosin only utilizes ice,water, heat and pressure to produce, which means it’s free of solvents like butane and ethanol. 

  • Rosin is the cleanest form of concentrate consumption.

  • Inhaling rosin will have fast acting results.

  • Rosin has a lower melting point.

  • Rosin has the most similar flavor and effects of the cannabis plant it’s extracted from.

What are the benefits of rosin?

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